Who is Lyrol?


My full name is Louis Sylvio Belcourt.


I was born in Mauritius and was always known since birth as Sylvio by all my families and friends. However, when I immigrated to Australia in 1968, I was referred to as Louis by everyone, including work colleagues and I decided to accept it as my preferred name rather than Sylvio. A new country and a new name, why not, was probably the main reason for the change at that time. However, for close relatives, Sylvio was often preferred instead of Louis as it was the name I grew up with.


Meaning of First and Middle Names


In the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, a child is sometimes given a middle name that is often the name of one of his or her parents or grand parents. In the United States, it's not uncommon for a baby boy to be given the same full name as his father, in which case the middle name may be used as a first name so as to distinguish him from his father.


In countries with large Catholic population, it is tradition in the Roman Catholic (RC) Church for a child receiving baptism to be given a Saints' name. In my case, St. Louis. Therefore, the second is the main name.


For decades, my FB name was Louis Belcourt as that's the name I was referred to by my work colleagues and non-Mauritian friends. However, when I retired, I decided to revert back to Sylvio Belcourt.


Mauritius, with once a large catholic population, adopted the RC tradition of naming at birth. Many boys and girls often had Saints' names such as Marie Joseph, Paul etc. When they migrated to Australia, boys were often called Marie and that did not go down too well with the person. Also, when a Mauritian married an Australian, the partner automatically assumed that the first name is the one to use and often insisted that this be the case. For example, a person called Joseph Robert DeMonpayie called Robert from birth suddenly was referred to as Joseph or Jo by his new entourage without compromise.


Lyrol is my non de plume which is an assumed name I use instead of my real name for publishing the various documents that I am currently writing. It is also called a pen-name. Ly is the first two letters of Lyda, the name of my late mother and rol is the first three letters of Roland, the name of my late father.


Life is complicated as it is, why do I make it worse by having many names? Well, I dare to be different !!!!!


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